We are Rainbow Rainbow can accommodate to everyone’s needs.
Rainbow Cosmetics creates cosmetics for all those who dream of having
beautiful skin with our slogan of “recreating skin” being their foundation.
A brand that provides high quality, reasonably priced, beautifully designed products that has garnered and continues to build relationships with its consumers and partners.
Using only eco-friendly products that will protect and preserve the natural beauty of the skin, we want everyone’s skin to radiate beautifully.
We are expanding by gradually increasing our product line, launching new brands, and communicating through online channels.

Care. Energy. Beauty.

The complete finish to protect your skin and restore your natural beauty.

We're focusing on

Rainbow cosmetics notes the four things below.


We are customer-oriented. It is important that our customers are highly satisfied, therefore we are committed to identifying and providing products that our customers want and need.


With our own research institute, we are devoted in researching and developing only the highest quality cosmetics.


We place our focus on the value of beauty and realize the different stages that can be of concern and look to provide solutions to target those problems.


Leading the beauty trend, we present globally competitive products and proactively introduce and export multinational products.

Production facility
Rainbow’s quality standards and facility complies with CGMP and ISO22716.

CGMP stands for ‘Cosmetic Good Manufacturing Practice’ and refers to following the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) cosmetic GMP standards in order to manufacture and supply superior quality cosmetics. Rainbow has CGMP-compliant facilities for importing and contracting contracts with overseas companies in China, Europe, the U.S., and Southeast Asia, and plans to acquire CGMP certification and ISO22716 certification in 2018.

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3step mask pack

Rainbow Cosmetics is the first company in the world to develop a 3-step mask pack. Rainbow L'Affair 3 Step Mask Pack has a wide variety of skin care to select from including options such as aqua, collagen, vitamin, AC-dressing, soothing aloe, tea tree, and aqua black in which all contain a cleanser and ampoule for convenience being a steady selling product.

We want to share our story

Company History

2006. 01. Started business by the name of MUGIGAE distribution
2012. 01. Renamed company by Rainbow Co., Ltd.
2013. 04. Registered as cosmetic manufacturer&seller at KFDA
2014. 05. World first released 3step mask pack
2014. 07. Acquired international standard certificate of ISO9001, ISO14001
2014. 12. Signed sales contract with JUMEI, China's No.1 cosmetics e-retailer


2017. 03. Establishment of Vietnamese branch office
2017. 04. Establishment of an office in China Moosoon
2017. 10. Acquired 8 more CFDA Certificates
2017. 11. Launched Rainbow mask pack in Thai Oshopping
2018. 01. Signed annual sales contract of 5 billion won with China WEIHAI NAVIA BIOLOGICAL TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD.


2016. 01. Signed annual sales contract of 5billion won with GP Club CO., Ltd.
2016. 02. Signed annual sales contract of 5billion won with RNW
2016. 02. Released Rainbow L’affair BIO CELLULOSE MASK
2016. 03. Developed L’AFFAIR HOENY PACK
2016. 09. Started sale in China Watons
2016. 10. Acquired 8 new CFDA Certificates


2015. 03. Signed contract with Walker hill Duty Free shop,
Hanwha Duty Free shop, Shinsegae Duty Free shop, Lotte Duty Free shop
2015. 03. Signed exclusive import contract about exclusive cellulous Facial mask sheet with the largest aloe plant in Vietnam
2015. 07. Signed annual sales contract of 10 billion won with BEIJING DONGFANG TIANMIAO COMMERCIAL AND TRADING CO., Ltd.

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